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How effective is myINTERACT in connecting with HCPs?

Launched in 2016, myINTERACT is an established platform for over 23,000 Australian healthcare professionals (HCPs) and actively engaging the daily needs of HCPs.

How do we compare to product websites

Uptake of new websites can be slow and development costly.* Often return on investment (ROI) is not seen for a number of years, if at all.

For a modest subscription fee you can join the myINTERACT network and quickly connect and engage with your customers. It takes weeks, not months to set up.

It can also be used as a gateway to existing pharma portals to help drive ROI.

What to expect in the first 2 years on myINTERACT

To provide some insights, we selected 20 pharma connections across 5 different specialty areas to understand the number of connections (or users)** after 2 years.

Key findings

  • Most companies target specific customers (tier 1, tier 2) and do not aim to connect all of the established network

  • Number of connections varied according to the size of the network and time the company launched the wall eg Endocrinology averaged 1450 after 2 years which was 50% of the total network at the time

  • For the 5 main specialties, average number of connections after 2 years was more than 400, which is good relative to up-take of many product centric portals.

How to increase connections

myINTERACT offers features that help drive your connections. Combined with a content plan, these can help maximise value of the platform:

  • Events: Individual event pages with customised registration forms register HCPs to your event and your connection wall simultaneously. This is a great way to get ‘bulk’ connections on which to build.

  • Discoverable connections: Included as part of a subscription, healthcare professionals can ‘find’ you on myINTERACT if they meet a certain defined criteria such as country, profession and specialty.

  • Awareness packages: Use targeted campaigns to reach your customers using features such as home banners, push notifications and email leaderboards. Learn more here.

Refer to our recent blog on creating content relevant to HCPs here.


Costs and time to create a website can vary wildly. We are not suggesting to use myINTERACT in place of a product website, but to eliminate some risk or increase ROI, join a network where your customers already are.

What makes myINTERACT different?

  • Existing 3rd party platform that is actively engaging the daily needs of HCPs

  • Customer centric rather than product centric

  • Provides an access point to drive traffic to existing information and portals

  • Helps to solve the healthcare wider problem of internet clutter and challenges to access between HCPs and industry

To find our more, contact us today.

**Number of HCPs who opt in to a particular company wall on myINTERACT


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