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More than just engagement

myINTERACT is not just about engagement but providing a meaningful and valuable experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs). HCPs need information and tools that efficiently and effectively improves their productivity. 


The key to achieving  this is to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

myINTERACT enables a 360 view of customers whilst complying to healthcare standards. This ensures all end-users’ experiences are of significant value, are always relevant, and are continuously adapting to their specific, changing needs. 

Explain and contextualise

Generate a whole new data set for HCP profiles and preferences and develop a deep understanding of their needs.  

Understand what works… and what doesn’t 

Capture the needs of different customer groups and identify opportunities or unmet needs. 


Understand what content your end-users want, but also when they want it. 

Qualitative Data

Qualitative data can be captured through surveys, forums, and polling.

Gain Insights

Gain insights within the governance of healthcare standards. 

Explain and contextualie
personalise an segment

Personalise through segmentation

Content is managed via our Content Management System, Shared Asset Manager (SAM). 

Upload and organise content, segment customers groups, manage push notifications and others campaign triggers to personalise the experience for your customers. All in a single application.

The more relevant, the better the experience

SAM Dashboard and real-time tracking data

A complete view of your strategy

Each content wall has its dedicated dashboard which summarises key insights such as connection rates, daily usage, and content consumption. 

Delve deeper through detailed reports to develop insights on areas of improvement, and trending behaviour.

Every piece of content can be meticulously tagged across the entire content life cycle.

SAM dashboard.png
SAM Dashboard

The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for tomorrow. Ready for today.

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