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Hospital Departments

One platform, multiple solutions -

quick to install, easy to administer

Implement a packaged department solution that makes it easy to share and access important information and knowledge, improve journal club meetings, improve roster communication and more. All designed to create department efficiencies - accessible on any device regardless of the internet reception. 

Access to important knowledge 
and information - all the time

Use in-built, offline SmartLibraries to consolidate material and knowledge then send push notifications to staff on important updates.

myINTERACT offers a single platform that alleviates barriers to communication and knowledge-sharing.  Use in-built, offline SmartLibraries to consolidate material and knowledge then send push notifications to staff on important updates.

Use SmartLibraries for:
Use SmartLibraries for:

Distribute and administer rosters in any file type. If a roster changes the administrator can quickly make the update and notify all those effected with the change.

Journal clubs  

Weekly journal club meetings can use Smartlibraries to share presentations. 

Treatment guidelines, policies and protocols  


Distribute key extracts so staff can easily access on any device when needed - even when there is poor internet reception. 

Improve productivity with our SmartAssets

myINTERACT has a toolbox of useful apps and tools to improve efficiencies in a hospital setting. 


Interactive directories so staff can be easily contacted without needing to add contacts to individual phones. Details managed by individuals and relevant fields customisable.


Improve the impact of meetings and events

Use myINTERACT’s in-built event functionality to organise internal meetings or online events. Track RSVPs, send reminders and share information to be accessed now and in the future.

Alert users of updates as they happen 

Ensure your department is up to date by using push notifications to alert staff of important changes to rosters, journal clubs and more. These are captured in myINTERACT’s notification centre so are visible even if notifications are disabled.

One login, one platform, one place. For everything work related.


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.


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