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The platform was built to serve healthcare professionals' needs

The platform was built with the customer front of mind -  if you do not give healthcare professionals what they want and make it easy to use - then they won’t use it. This is why we spent so much time with physicians, in hospitals and with the organisations they interact with; why the platform caters for so many pain points in a physicians’ life and why it can be adapted to solve so many more in the future.

It was also why we studied how healthcare groups and life science businesses supported their customers and building in improvements so they could deliver value and support. The platform was designed to help the industry save HCP’s time and facilitate improved treatment outcomes.


Life science focus 

Creating customer value and positive impressions in a new digital paradigm 

The life-science industry has been one of the main drivers of increased life expectancy over the last 100 years. Trends have changed and initial new blockbuster treatments with wide-scale use have been followed by more specialist areas of breakthrough treatment.


However, despite this hugely positive benefit to society, sometimes a perception can exist within the healthcare professional community that the industry places commercial interests ahead of patients interests - often amplified by one or two bad apples. The industry’s image has been hindered by the difficulty in providing awareness of updates, access to service when needed and delivering digital value directly to their customers. 

The INTERACT platform was designed to help life-sciences cross these barriers; to help the industry demonstrate greater customer value and image, commensurate with the impact their research and development has had on our collective lives.



In digital technology, behavioural science and their application within healthcare 

Despite the huge opportunity for benefits from the adoption of digital technology in healthcare, the surface has only started to be scratched. An outwardly global homogenous healthcare organisational structure turns into an infinite number of personal HCP networks after one caters for hospital, practice work and specialisation areas around disease states. Combine that with strict healthcare standards and a trend towards going it alone amongst industry providers and the result is frequently poor adoption. Instead of bringing efficiency, the digital world has led to an overwhelming cascade of options that clutters, confuses and often deters end user usage. 

INTERACT's expertise not only includes understanding all stakeholder needs and the application of technology and behavioural science to develop a platform that fulfils those needs. Its experience extends to the provision of valued assets, that can sit on the platform, and outside the platform, that solve significant and meaningful healthcare problems.


Trusted and secure

A transparent environment, understood by all parties 

To be successful and used the platform had to be both trusted and transparent.

It is a secure network where the end users clearly consent to share some personal details - like email addresses - in order to receive valued content. At all times end users choose who they are connected to and can sever that connection at any time. 

All access is conducted within a safe and secure environment and publishers of content know that only permitted end users - not other publishers - can see their content.


Scalable and non-disruptive

Complement existing systems, practices and content with in built growth mechanisms to enhance value 

Our platform had to complement existing systems, processes and content or it would have been too disruptive to existing practices for organisations to get behind it.

We had to build a platform that was robust and scalable but also where successful usage led to gathering momentum. The core platform functionality had to be adaptable to cater for common usage areas (like clinical trials or hospital departments)  but also future proofed for inevitable increases in digital applications (like directly supporting patients).  We needed to include easy ways of connecting new end users, discoverability - matching users with publishers - and easy implementation so even smaller healthcare groups with few resources could benefit from the platform. 


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