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myINTERACT is a portal that centralizes, connects and captivates your event attendees. Be it large-scale in-person conferences, hybrid ad boards or virtual sales meetings - the environment is never a barrier.

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myINTERACT was consistently encouraging and supporting us on ways to improve our app experience as well as our audience... we look forward to working with myINTERACT in 2021!


Heloise Tolar  

eEngagement and Education Manager at Western Sydney Diabetes


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Physical conferences


myINTERACT event functionality was designed to support large-scale medical conferences, so delegates have all the event resources in their pocket to stay connected and in the know. 

Create a seamless experience by centralising all key material in one portal with intuitive navigation.

Sales meetings & Ad boards


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Virtual events

No barriers to connect - replicate a physical event virtually with content, polling, Q&A, interactive forms, and on-demand video conferencing. 

myINTERACT is now fully integrated with Webcast Cloud offering a seamless online experience for delegates with world-class webcasting solutions and technical expertise to ensure your next event runs smoothly. 

Simplified beginning to end solution

Simple to build
Use myINTERACT's event platform to manage invitations, RSVP's reminders, and send push notifications.
Customizable design
Organize your material and select from a range of interactive event assets to tailor your event experience. Add your brand, logos and colours.
No need to re-invent the wheel
Ramp up your event wall with intuitive, interactive assets and webcast capabilities; or simply use myINTERACT as a means to centralise your existing material, video conferencing and external links.
See the results
Using myINTERACT means you can engage with your audience before, during and after the event. Gather insights on your event  attendance and engagement, and leverage this to continue connection after the event.


Your audience connected with ease

Connect your audience with in-built registration pages, QR and access codes, or tap into myINTERACT's database to increase registrations.

Engage before, during... and after the event
Once you've made a connection, you can continue to optimise your content, and engage directly with your audience.
Use push notifications and E-newsletters to alert users of change - whether it's letting them know about an upcoming event or sharing a link to a webinar they've missed - your relationship continues.
Remove barriers and create gateways for sponsors
No matter if you're running a physical event or a virtual one, myINTERACT offers multiple ways for to add value to your sponsors.
Use our virtual exhibition hall and passport, or enable sponsors to direct your audience to their own myINTERACT channel. 

Engaging events made easy

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The power of events with myINTERACT

An all-in-one solution for any physical or online event​.

Knowledge attributed at events is always accessible.

Streamline every event element into one dedicated portal providing your attendees with a seamless, integrated experience.

Discover more

Use feedback forms and analytics to understand delegate interactions and make future events even better.

Use events to connect up your ideal audience and deliver ongoing value to strengthen meaningful relationships. 


Ready to transform how you engage with healthare?

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