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myINTERACT Events - Your Questions Answered

Considering myINTERACT for your next event? We have compiled a few of the questions we are frequently asked.

1. How secure is myINTERACT?

INTERACT uses Amazon Web Services, a top-tier, third-party data hosting provider. Data is stored either in Australia or USA depending on where the user is located. Data is encrypted when transferred over the internet and when stored on disk including databases. We utilise third party providers like CyberVadis for independent security assessment and ratings and we monitor for security threats 24/7 so delegate information is safe and secure.

2. How do delegates register for an event?

We offer customisable event registration pages to capture information and consents required on sign up. These seamlessly create an account in myINTERACT so once delegates download the app, they are already connected to the event and can access resources and materials

3. How do delegates connect to the event app?

Once delegates have a myINTERACT account, they can connect to your event on myINTERACT either by scanning a QR

code, entering an access code or accepting an invitation in the app triggered by an email from our CMS. This can also occur in one seamless process if you use a customised registration page (refer above). We will work with you to recommend the best method of connection for your event.

4. How customisable is the app?

Elements of the app are customisable to support your event branding. This includes brand colours, logos, icons and headers. We have an in-house design team who can create the branding for you, or our Customer Success Team can work with your agency to create the right sized event collateral.

5. What engagement features does myINTERACT offer?

We offer a range of features to create engaging events. These range from live polling, social Q&A, exhibitor passports with leaderboards to encourage delegates to visit exhibitor stands and much more. Check out our latest feature catalogue here.

6. Does myINTERACT include a video broadcast service within the platform?

myINTERACT offers greater flexibility for virtual events rather than locking you into an inbuilt video broadcast service. It can link to any browser based software including Zoom and Adobe Connect webinars. If you would like a more sophisticated experience for a live stream event, you can engage our partners who offer live streaming services and can be integrated into myINTERACT for a user-friendly experience.

7. Does myINTERACT have team members who can manage the different parts of the event for me?

If you are short on resources, time or technical know-how, we offer a variety of professional services to help make your event successful. This includes on site support, technical support for virtual events and in house design services.

8. What analytics are available?

myINTERACT offers real time analytics so you can gather insights on attendance and engagement throughout the event lifecycle. All tracking events are captured so you know what is viewed, when and for how long. Armed with this knowledge you have the power to make future events even better and even more engaging.

9. How much does it cost?

Events come in various formats and sizes so we offer a range of packages and services accordingly. Get in touch today at to find out more.

'myINTERACT streamlines our conference information and improves the

employee experience’ - Sales Training Manager, Global biotech company


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