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Medical Foundations

Democratise and improve trusted knowledge

Become the catalyst and centrepiece of a trusted hub of valued content for patients and healthcare professionals in your disease area.

Use the power of digital technology to enhance communications, widen reach and unlock opportunities to improve outcomes in healthcare.

Collaboration is the new norm of medical education

myINTERACT enables medical foundations to attract many scientific contributors to come together in a controlled and secure environment.

Patients want to know more about their illness but have been overwhelmed by the over-saturation of information online.  

This has led to an increasing need for transparency and trust with medical education and a desire for access to digital tools to help them navigate their treatment journey.

myINTERACT’s closed network means these dialogues are more specific, more controlled and more meaningful. Patients understand that all information disseminated is factual and grounded in science.

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Stay up to date


Keep researchers and patients up to date with push notifications and centralised E-newsletters.

Consolidate all your key resources including gateways to existing website resources. 

Use SmartLibraries to centralise educational material and increase shelf life by making them easily searchable. 

Build and distribute tools

Build and distribute tools such as dosing calculators, map locators, treatment schedules and more.

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Training and events

myINTERACT’s dedicated events portal is an end-to-end solution that can be harnessed for any type of physical or virtual event (training webinar’s workshops, regional chapter meetings or annual conferences).  

Encourage peer-to-peer interaction with our customised engagement tools such as polling, Q&A or forums.

All content for events is captured centrally and accessed by the platform’s homepage.

Champion innovation to maximise patient outcomes

Utilise myINTERACT’s comprehensive multi-media functionality to digitalise and organise content.

The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.

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