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A unique customer-centric digital channel

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Enhance your digital strategy across the whole product life cycle

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Strengthen customer relationships now and in the future...

myINTERACT is a unique Content Management System (CMS) that can be applied across the whole product life cycle. Our model pursues an exchange proposition - life science and other healthcare contributors distribute value-based content to healthcare professionals, which enables greater access and insights to their needs and preferences. 


Designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, it acts as a digital bridge between them and life sciences and healthcare groups. 

One platform, multiple solutions

One place to alert your customers of change, provide support and utilise the current and future power of digitalisation.


Gain insights and understand what resonates - creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

Commercial solution


Lead the charge of the new normal

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to a new normal in which digital and delivering customers value form a far more important part in a cohesive multi-channel strategy. myINTERACT is a unique customer-centric digital channel designed and proven to fulfil this new paradigm.

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How it works

Life science perspective 

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Connect up your customers through various connection methods.

Distribute access to content via dedicated content wall(s):

  • Resource libraries

  • Digitised material 

  • Interactive calculators and tools

  • Links to external systems and sites

  • Webinars and events

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Use push and pull alert mechanisms to keep your connections up to date and engaged.


Capture data and insights to continuously optimise your offering: 

  • Improve audience segmentation

  • Improve content quality 

  • Attract more end-users

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Harness the power of digital via our key pillars

Transforming the way life science organisations and healthcare groups engage healthcare professionals and patients.

Increase awareness

Boost your campaigns and be unmissable

Utilise a push and pull strategy through alert tools, discoverable connections and a centralised feed to draw customers to things they want to know. 


Improve access

An always-open gateway to your brand

Speed up, simplify and centralise access to relevant information, personnel and support. 

Enhance value

Strengthen relationships by delivering significant customer value

Deliver greater efficiencies and impact by sharing innovative, scalable digital content. 


Continuously improve

Learn what resonates and act upon new insights

Generate evidence-based, actionable insights and be responsive to changing healthcare needs. 

Compliant & adaptive

Embrace innovation without disrupting internal workflows

Transform your digital strategy, in weeks not months, within a platform that is secure, adaptive and scalable. 


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.

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