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A holistic healthcare solution

myINTERACT combines a suite of software into a single, unique platform with the purpose of improving patient care by increasing efficiencies across all of healthcare:

A Shared Asset Manager (SAM)

Our backend interface for administrators of healthcare groups and life science brands - used to manage content, audiences and alerts. 

The myINTERACT app

Available on iOS, Android and Desktop - is the centralised access and awareness point for end users keep up to date and access valuable content from a range of approved and personalised connections.

An expanding solution portfolio 


Built-in functionality and add-on assets designed to simplify and improve a range of commonplace healthcare practices. 

The INTERACT cubic model

Push notifications & E-newsletters

Centralised homepage

Discoverable Connections

Offline & multi-device

"Always-on" support

Connection methods



Tools & calculators

Ready-made templates

Events & webinars

Quantitive & qualitative insights

Dashboard & reports

Audience segmentation

Trusted & transparent

Single sign-on & integrations
Scalable across applications & geographies

Harness the power of digital via our key pillars

A unique customer-centric digital channel 

Increase awareness

Engage customers via multiple touch points

  • Alert mechanisms 

  • Centralised homepage

  • Discoverable Connections

Enhance value

Making things easier, faster and streamlined

  • Repurpose existing content with SmartAssets

  • Searchable SmartLibraries

  • Tools and calculators

  • Ready-made SmartTemplates

  • Events and webinars

Improve access

No barriers to access

  • Offline and multi-device

  • Streamlined service and support

  • Multiple out-bound connection methods

  • Personalise for quick-access

Continuously improve

For relationships to be meaningful, they must be personal

  • Personalise content through segmentation

  • SAM Dashboard and reporting 

  • Real-time tracking 

Compliant & adaptive

A scalable digital solution trusted by healthcare professionals 

  • Trusted and transparent

  • End-user control

  • Single sign-on and integrations

Find out more about our solutions

The guiding principles behind the construct of our technology

Scientific provider focus

It must meet the needs and requirements of both life-sciences business and large and small healthcare groups. These are organisations HCPs are reliant upon for content and support to improve patient treatment.

Trusted and secure

Being confident in compliance is fundamental for all individuals in healthcare. A digital environment must be transparent and understood by all parties.


If it doesn’t meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients then there is no point to its existence.


In digital technology, behavioral science and their application within healthcare is integral. The more simple ease-of-use is the better the user experience.

Scalable and non-disruptive 

Evolving technology must be flexible to solve various healthcare purposes and adaptive to fit in with existing systems. A multi-channel bolt-on solution is required to future proof growth.


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.


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