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Compliant & Adaptive

Be innovative without being disruptive

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Trusted & transparent 

Transparency and trust are considered at all levels to ensure that healthcare professionals always have the choice of who they connect to and what they interact with.

  • Modules allow for customisable T&C’s and e-consent to make processes clearer for both providers and end users. 

  • Provide healthcare professionals with more clarity for consents and privacy requirements with an audit trail for compliance purposes.

  • myINTERACT is GDPR compliant. 


Seamless integration with single sign-on

myINTERACT has been designed to create significant opportunities for added value, which complements internal practices quickly and effectively.

Embrace innovation without disruption
Single sign-on

Integrate existing systems and password protected sites with single sign-on. Each integration is customised based on your organisations’ requirements. 

Central access

Websites and portals are not replaced - they can be accessed through a central place with myINTERACT providing another access point.

Customer visibility

Use new data on customer preferences to enrich and build better customer visibility whilst complying to healthcare prviacy standards.


Scalable and agile


myINTERACT can be applied across the product life cycle and scaled across brands and geographic regions.

With digital connections in place, the pipeline has been laid to cater for the inevitable increase in new digital applications.

Future proof your business’ system requirements for the new normal of healthcare. 

Implemented in days, not months


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for tomorrow. Ready for today.

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