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The thriving Australian Endocrinology network on myINTERACT - Where knowledge meets engagement

Connect with the rapidly growing Australian endocrinology/diabetes network on myINTERACT, which consumes over 650 hours of engaging content each month*. Ensure you're where your customers already are!

"Thank you for providing the ultimate platform for staying up to date with the rapidly-changing diabetes space. It really is an amazing resource for all of my professional development, learning and staff-training needs." Kirby, Lead Diabetes Educator, Proactive Health

Key stats

  • 5,800 total active users: Endocrinologists, nurses and diabetes educators account for 60% of active users. Excludes General practitioners.

  • 4200 interactions per month, up 28% from the same period last year**

  • 650 hours of content viewing per month, up 39% from same period last year***

The data indicates there has been convergence of information, learning, and active participation which has been fuelled by the contribution of our key partners in this network:

Looking for new ways to connect with healthcare professionals?

Consider myINTERACT:

  • Proven strategies to reshape the future of commercial sales and increase sales force effectiveness

  • Existing third party platform that is actively engaging the daily needs of HCPs with a focus on key specialty areas like diabetes

  • Customer centric rather than product or brand centric

  • Provides an access point to drive customers to existing information and portals increasing ROI

Don't miss the opportunity to be where your customers already are. To learn more, contact us today.

*Monthly average duration based on period 1 Sep 22 to 30 August 23

** Monthly average of tracking events based on period 1 Sep 22 to 30 August 23

***Monthly average duration (hours) based on period 1 Sep 22 to 30 August 23


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