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Go beyond traditional leadership

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Healthcare Societies and Associations

Streamline best practice now and in the future

Champion innovation in your specialist healthcare area by unlocking the power of digital to centralise resources, streamline communications, improve events and enhance member value.

Become a digital leader using this unique opportunity to create additional revenue and positive healthcare outcomes. 

Deliver greater value to your members

Use in-built functionality and existing templates to improve service and support.

Searchable SmartAssets

Use searchable SmartLibraries, SmartDirectories, Forums and more to deliver efficiencies and improve engagement.

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Knowledge lives on

Use in-built event capability to complement physical or online meetings using a range of existing templates to minimise costs.


Commonly used for large congresses, educational and chapter meetings - all events are housed in a dedicated portal so all information can be revisited anytime. 

Know your members and encourage feedback

Digital not only enables meaningful experience to healthcare professionals but unlocks innovative approaches to be built based on real-world data. 

Utilise your digital connection with your members to use a range of insight software (surveys, Q&A, polling, forums) to encourage feedback and gain deeper understanding.

Use these insights to segment audiences and share the right content at the right time.


Use push and pull mechanisms to be unmissable

Create awareness for your organisation and industry partners through various alert mechanisms.

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Push - push notifications & E-newsletters

  1. Update and remind members of useful resources on your dedicate myINTERACT wall.

  2. Drive members to your external sites through simple API.

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Pull - Discoverable Connections & homepage

Be discoverable and build awareness to a new and qualified audience to increase memberships.


Get started in days, not weeks

myINTERACT is a bolt-on solution to your existing systems without disruption to workflows internally.

Simple and easy to implement - start by getting more from your existing content and grow your audience through meetings and events.


Then exceed member expectations by unlocking the power of digital.  


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.

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