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Targeted campaigns with creative formats

Use targeted advertising campaigns to reach your audience with features unique to myINTERACT.

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Why you should consider myINTERACT awareness packages

1. Automatic access to a established network of healthcare professionals
2. Audience targeting based on profession and speciality 
3. Opportunities for customisation and tailored targeting so your ads truly shine. 
4. A variety of creative formats to maximise awareness

How it works

Feature your brand within the myINTERACT app (desktop, tablet and phone) to achieve maximum exposure and visibility.


Target your specific audience based on profession and speciality and embed URLs to drive users to your content.


Choose from a combination of formats from home banners, push notifications to email leaderboards and receive analytics to measure the success of your campaign.

Available only in Australia for key speciality areas. Get in touch to find out more. 

Homepage with banner updated.png

Home page banners


myINTERACT homepage is the centralisation

point and navigation centre for all end-users. Leverage

our prime real estate to showcase your company, brand

or webinar to a tailored specialist audience.

Key features:

  • Viewable only by targeted audience across all myINTERACT devices

  • Click-through to any URL 


  • impressions and clicks (de-identified)

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Daily e-Newsletter

E-newsletters are sent to your target audience and includes a preview of your content as well as a click-through to any external or internal location.

Key features: 

  • Sent daily at 7pm AEST. Day of week allocated according to specialty area 

  • Sent to your targeted audience based on profession and speciality

  • Click-through to any URL



  • Total sends, opens and clicks (de-identified)

Customised eDMs

The custom eDM is our most premium offering in which you can create a complete bespoke email to your targeted specialty audience. The custom eDM provides a 100% exclusive space in which you can include your own eDM header.

Key features:
  • Sent to your targeted audience based on profession and speciality
  • Click-through to any URL

  • PNG/JPEG bespoke header 

  • Up to 2,000 characters


  • Total sends, opens and clicks (de-identified)

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Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at
Picture 2.png

Push notifications

All users in your target audience with push notifications enabled receive an alert on their device home screen.
Regardless if they have push notifications enabled or not, users have the chance to see your messaging via the myINTERACT app badge on their device, as well as in the in-app notification centre on all myINTERACT devices.
Key features:
  • Sent to your targeted audience based on profession and specialty
  • Click through to any URL
  • Up to 750 characters
  • Total sends, impressions and clicks (de-identified)

Ready to transform how you engage with healthcare professionals?

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