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Seamlessly distribute value-based content 

myINTERACT was built to make things easier for healthcare professionals so they can spend their time on what matters most - improving patient care. To achieve this, we have created a one-stop shop for healthcare professionals to discover and gain access to relevant information and tools to maximise their patients’ outcomes. 

Every myINTERACT provider is provisioned dedicated content wall/s to consolidate content of their choice. Our multi-media capabilities mean there is no limit to what you can create or curate and content walls can be optimised to reflect any organisations’ purpose and role in healthcare. 


Enhance productivity by simplifying digital navigation


Provide quick access to existing reference material using in-built searchable SmartLibraries, which accept multiple file types and can be accessed offline. 



Consolidate, organise and assist navigation though the use of folders, filters and tags. 

Files can be made downloadable, printable and emailable, if desired by the administrator.

Assign different internal roles so specified users can be permitted to upload files.

Assign SmartLibraries to specific teams and add expiry dates to sensitive material to stay in control of compliance. 

Smarter asses

Smarter assets

Processes and workflows can be repurposed in a digital setting to simplify, align and scale into one smooth process - reducing time, increasing accuracy and collecting data in one location. 

The format and level of security can be fully-customised to your specific organisational needs. Sensitive data is always protected and can be de-identified where necessary. 



The plethora of forms in healthcare can be overwhelming and restricted to older, slower ways of working requiring numerous steps:

emailing > downloading > printing > signing > scanning > delivering > collecting > consolidating.

Condense these steps into one and consolidate information collected into intuitive back-end databases.

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Get more from existing content

The healthcare professionals’ toolkit

Be a key provider of knowledge and expertise through digital tools aimed at simplifying arduous processes and saving healthcare professionals’ time. 

Solve a pain-point and improve efficiencies with tools and calculators
HCP professional toolki
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Distribute dosing calculators, stock inventories, 3D models, or comprehensive treatment apps. 

Build these in-house, through agencies or discuss ideas with our product specialists. 

Use  these tools to stand out in your customers' centralised feed to ensure frequency of engagement.

Ready-made solutions

Ready-made solutions


INTERACT has developed readily-available tools which can be moulded to your organisations’ needs.


These include such tools as:

  • Community forums

  • Map locators

  • SMS alerts

  • Photo galleries and more.

For wider applications INTERACT has packaged various assets into solutions for specific purposes e.g. hospital departments, internal field force and meetings and events. 

Leverage tried and tested templates to kickstart your wall 
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In-built event functionality 

Knowledge lives on 

In healthcare’s new normal, attending events, webinars and training sessions no longer relies on physical meetings. myINTERACT has a dedicated events portal, which offers a beginning to end solution for any type of event, training session or meeting.  


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for tomorrow. Ready for today.

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