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Clinical Solution

Make every specialist an investigator

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Clinical solution

Stand out at the pivotal moment

Use myINTERACT to increase clinical trial visibility and simplify patient registration. Use a co-ordinated communication campaign to encourage and accelerate clinical trial recruitment across a wider audience.

Continue to generate awareness and deliver education at a time when they are keen to understand new treatments and as they form their prescribing habits.


Make every physician an investigator

Make every physician more aware of clinical trials by simplifying involvement.

Provide direct access to a microsite outlining study design, intervention and forms for real-time patient referral and registration. 

Create brand awareness at the most impactful stage of the product life cycle.

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Be aware of key knowledge and updates

A co-ordinated campaign using alert tools can be used to communicate specific messaging to a new cohort of investigators helping them administer their involvement within the trial. 

Translate insights into opportunities

Prepare for the future by laying down “digital connection pipes” with your important stakeholders. 


Future-proof meaningful relationships through the innovative generation of new data and AI and translate insights into opportunities.


Capture feedback and compliant de-identified patient data. 

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The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.

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