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Be unmissable with push and pull methodology

myINTERACT’s alert mechanisms ensure healthcare professionals are aware of important updates in a way that suits them.

Push strategies can used in the form of push notifications, and e-newsletters.


Building awareness through pull methodology occurs through the use of a platform which centralises information from multiple, relevant connections into a single feed.


This means healthcare professionals are alerted to change and can choose what content they consume, when and where they prefer.


Alert mechanisms

Use push notifications to remind of useful tools, important updates, an upcoming event and tailor to specific teams to ensure relevancy. 

  • Link to content within myINTERACT or include an external URL to drive traffic to external channels.

  • All notifications can be revisited at any time via the notification centre. A user can then select the alert and be directed to the specified piece of content. 

  • Opt-in to a centralised e-newsletter, which consolidates updates across all connections a user is a part of.

Be noticed at the right moment

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Alert mechanisms
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myINTERACT homepage

  • The homepage of myINTERACT has several feeds of useful information based on a users’ profile and specialty area. 

  • The primary feed contains updates from all of a users’ connections in an unbranded environment.

  • This ensures the value of content is constantly being optimised as content that resonates achieves the most engagement. 

Be visible amongst a healthcare network 

Discoverable Connections

Discoverable connections, featured on the home page, is a feed of suggested connections based on a users profile.


Reach your customer segments by promoting your content - be it resources, time saving tools or an upcoming webinar to maximise return on investment.

Stand out and widen reach to new customers in a suggested feed
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The company administrator determines who can discover and connect with their wall and content.


All users decide when and what they connect to based on what is of value to them.



Appropriate consents can be defined prior to provisioning content.

Discoverable Connections

The new normal starts with myINTERACT


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