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Unlocking the power of digital technology to help patients 

INTERACT is a healthcare software company that has dedicated itself to using technology and behavioral science to bring the wide and effective use of digital technology into helping patients within specialist medicine. 

Improving medicine is the most sought after and complex area humanity faces. Digital technology percolates all aspects of our lives and brings with it the capacity for great benefits to society. Despite the global scale of the life science industry participants and the homogenous nature of global treatment delivery, there are inherent structural issues that deter the effective use of digital technology. 


Knowledge and information grow exponentially with a huge volume of scientific advancement within an ever complex working environment of improving best practice, payer approvals and compliance. Each source of knowledge and information acts independently and in good faith but frustrated end users  face a bombardment of emails and clutter from a myriad of sources. And as behavioural science suggests, unless you are prompted to look for updates or can find things easily when needed - then you don’t bother. 


Healthcare Groups

Life Science Organisations

Healthcare Professionals

and Patients

myINTERACT is a single platform for three sets of needs - unified by one common goal...

myINTERACT is a holistic solution that consolidates, filters and unlocks the power of digital to bring efficiencies to all stakeholders in healthcare.

The outcome - improved patient care. 

Healthcare Groups

An easy to use platform to improve the alignment, quality and dissemination of knowledge and best practice

Life Science Organisations

A unique customer centric digital channel that adds value across the whole product life cycle

Healthcare Professionals and Patients

A single place for HCPs and patients to become aware of and easily access consolidated, relevant and valued material

INTERACT Foundations

Life-science focus 

Creating customer value and positive impressions in a new digital paradigm.


In digital technology, behavioural science and their application within healthcare.

Scalable and non-disruptive 

Complement existing systems, practices and content with in-built growth mechanisms to enhance value.


myINTERACT was built to serve healthcare professional and patient needs.

Trusted and secure

A transparent environment understood by all parties. 

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