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Internal field force solution

Transform field force engagement

A comprehensive multi-device field force application that increases efficiency, lifts impact and improves internal communications. Use myINTERACT for remote ways of working by centralising e-detailing aids, scientific resources and support tools. Used globally by sales representatives, medical science liaisons and distributors to showcase innovation.

Maximise impact and support 

myINTERACT’s multi-media capability means you can use 3D models, drug calculators or appealing visualisation of back end systems to lift impact. 

Automate processes and increase effectiveness 


Simplify processes and reduce scope for errors using customisable SmartForms. Automate calculations, capture signatures and create audit trails to improve effectiveness. 

Existing content can be organised and repurposed into automated, digital settings with our SmartAssets then amplified with our alert mechanisms.

Reduce repetition and increase understanding

Our in-built session manager means you can record any interaction within myINTERACT and send to customers post-meeting. 

Virtually all interactions within content are trackable so to gauge a deep understanding of what is impactful. 

myINTERACT’s in-built event capability can be used for sales conferences, training or virtual meetings. 

Quick to implement

Implementation requires minimal administrator training and is up and running within a matter of days.

Easy to manage

Administrators can easily manage and organise content to segmented teams whilst communicating updates with ease.


Content is quicker to locate and easy to present enabling users to focus on the customer rather than the device. 

Offline & multi-device

Content can be located and presented even when there is limited wifi. 

Trusted & secure

Meets global healthcare standards of security and privacy.


The new normal starts with myINTERACT


Built for healthcare today. Designed for tomorrow.


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