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The myAWARDS for 2020

Our favourite success stories from 2020

The myINTERACT platform is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of various healthcare organisations. To highlight our favourite stories of 2020, we have launched myAWARDS to showcase a cross-section of unique and impressive ways our clients are utilising the platform.

The myAWARDS for 2020 are as follows:

Innovation Award: The Myeloma Specialist Practice Network


The Myeloma Specialist Practice Network (M-SPN) of the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand (HSANZ) Nurses Group has used myINTERACT for 4 years to proliferate key resources and tools for its members.

With an educational grant from Celgene/BMS and working closely with myINTERACT's product specialists, HSANZ M-SPN developed MyeTxScheduler, a tool for clinicians to create treatment schedules for help patients to adhere to treatment protocols. The tool is pre-populated with standard myeloma treatment schedules based on eviQ protocols but with flexibility to adapt to individual patient needs. This is then printed and provided to patients.

MyeTxScheduler is being rolled out in stages across Australia and NZ with new features incorporated based on user feedback. There is also interest from Multiple Myeloma groups in other regions to adapt and share the use of MyeTx.

Learn more on how you can generate innovative tools with myINTERACT here or book an appointment with our product specialists today.

Virtual Transformation Award: Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD)

This is the second year Western Sydney Diabetes has partnered with myINTERACT to deliver their Masterclass Series to GPs and health practitioners. In 2020, myINTERACT supported WSD as they moved to a completely virtual platform, delivered over 10 weeks.

WSD sought to engage their large community remotely – attended by over 1,000 HCPs with an interest in diabetes. “(myINTERACT) was a useful and simple base for our audience to access all the information on the event in addition to background information on presenters,” says Heloise Tolar, the eEngagement and Education Manager at Western Sydney Diabetes.

myINTERACT was used to house webinar links, distribute speaker presentations, collate feedback and, most importantly, educate members in a way that is impactful, interactive and accommodated varied work schedules. This was achieved by enhancing WSD’s educational resource library as well as housing video and slideshow presentations for future viewings and for those who missed the event.

Sponsors were provided with added value as attendees were able to click through and view more of their content on sponsors’ dedicated walls. This enabled them to engage directly with WSD’s audience of GPs and health practitioners during and after the event.

Read more on Western Sydney Diabetes' virtual masterclass series here.

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Customer Growth Award: Chiesi Australia

Chiesi Australia joined myINTERACT's Gastroenterology network in June last

year running two webinars focusing on Crohn's disease and IBD Care. Working

closely with the myINTERACT team, Chiesi invited their own contacts and also

utilised myINTERACT's alert mechanisms to tap into the myINTERACT network

to reach new customers.

The alert mechanisms included myINTERACT's homepage banner as well as

push notifications and e-newsletters. All formats specifically targeted Australian

gastroenterologists and clicked through to the webinar registration page.

As a result, Chiesi connected 254 healthcare professionals within 4 months. Between the first

webinar in June and the second webinar in August their user growth had

increased by over 60%.

In addition to the effective use of myINTERACT's tools, they laid out their

webinar walls simply so everything was in one place for all attendees.

This included:

  • Welcome videos from speakers;

  • Interactive programs and speaker bios;

  • The ability to register for upcoming webinars;

  • A link through to webinar meeting - prompted by email reminders and push notifications;

  • Feedback forms;

  • The webinar recording for any attendees who couldn't attend the session live

Hospital Communications Award: Monash Health Pharmacy

Monash Health Pharmacy are the recipients of this award for their avid use of myINTERACT's alert mechanisms to inform more than 350 staff members of changing rosters, reference libraries, and other key resources such as their contact directory, COVID-19 protocols, and log-in links to their external systems.

Monash Health Pharmacy has used myINTERACT for just over 18 months now, and we continue to see their creative use of the platform grow exponentially. They are a great example of the value of centralising disparate resources in one location for a large team of HCPs.

Learn more about myINTERACT's hospital department solution - available free of charge for eligible hospitals


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