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myINSIGHTS - A monthly snapshot delivered to your inbox

An easy-to-understand summary that includes metrics created in the previous month to track the progress of your content and engagement plan on myINTERACT.

Opt-in to receive a monthly recap of activity by wall on the 1st of every month. Metrics includes:

  • Connections - Total number of accepted connections

  • Connections via user type: Breakdown of user professions based on user profile*

  • Active users - Total active users over the time period**

  • Asset opens - Number of assets opened on your wall

It also displays the percentage change from previous month to track engagement and growth.

An email distribution list can be set up to receive myINSIGHTS so they can be shared with your management and agency teams to help demonstrate the value of myINTERACT.

Interested in myINSIGHTS? Contact your Account Manager or email us at to enable.

*Where available as some fields in the registration process have only become mandatory in recent years.

** At least one tracking record


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