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Use forums and discussion boards

Want to encourage peer-to-peer discussions with your internal staff, members or hospital department? We've made it easier for your community or network to interact and engage with one another in a secure environment with our forum asset.

Your users stay engaged, connected and informed

Upload the forum asset to your Connection or Event wall and any user who has access to it can begin their own 'thread' or comment on existing ones. Users manage their alert settings and have control of when and how they are updated - whether this be by push notification or email.

Administrators monitor and manage to fit with compliance

Administrators can be confident in compliance with the forum's in-built features such as adding customised T&Cs, adding and managing thread categories, and monitoring tools allowing admins to edit and delete irrelevant threads or content.

  • Encourage discussion: members, colleagues and delegates can now connect over shared experiences and stay informed via various alert mechanisms

  • Improve communication: effective communication requires a multi-channel strategy, with emails becoming more bogged down and saturated. Simply post a question and the forum flows in chronological order. Users can save threads to revisit at a later point or can filter categories to easily locate

  • Increase collaboration: forums encourage ideas and opinions to be shared bringing together collective minds enhancing teamwork and a sense of community

  • Enhance understanding: forums can be used to pose direct questions or achieve a secure space for organic discussions. Gain a qualitative understanding of what's relevant and top of mind.

If you're interested in using this feature, contact us here.


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