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Enhance the impact of your material with SmartDecks

SmartDecks are presentations or slide decks that you can customise, save, and recall – making it specific to your audience.

Create a master set of interactive slides, which you can edit and shuffle without losing any interactivity. Useful for remote ways of working and e-detailing purposes to provide tailored and refreshed presentation material to your customers.

SmartDecks have gotten smarter - an overview of features

  • Make educational material interactive - highlight key information with animations and pop-ups

  • Embed tracking - gain a complete view of your materials’ impact and outcomes. 

  • Linked pages - Users now have more control and greater efficiency in generating slide sets. Users can now auto-select multiple pages/slides with ease to create a combination of slides that is relevant to them.

  • Pre-defined slide sets - Administrators can now create variations of the same SmartDeck and tailor versions to different audiences such as field force vs specialists.

Interest in using SmartDecks? Contact us here to get started.


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