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How Western Sydney Diabetes transformed a face-to-face conference into a 10-week webinar series


Western Sydney Diabetes has partnered with myINTERACT in 2019

to deliver their annual 2019 MASTERCLASS. However in 2020, like many organisations, WSD faced a new challenge - going virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WSD sought to engage their large community remotely, using myINTERACT,

to broadcast a series of webinars, distribute speaker presentations,

collate feedback and, most importantly, educate members in a way that is impactful, interactive and accommodated varied work schedules.


*These statistics are based on the first 5 sessions of WSD 10-week webinar course - already results have been significant and there are still four sessions left in the series.


Western Sydney Diabetes was established in response to the growing threat diabetes

poses to a large cross-section of the community. Diabetes concerns

numerous healthcare groups, services and healthcare professionals, which are

often fragmented despite a mutual desire to do the best for their patients.

As part of WSD's aim to improve accessibility to the latest diabetes education, myINTERACT plays an integral role in centralising important resources and educating their network in a accessible and integrated space.


Transformed a full day face-to-face conference into a 10-week webinar series.

Western Sydney Diabetes held a 1.5 hour webinar every Monday evening for 10 consecutive weeks. myINTERACT was used to essentially replicate all that is required at a physical conference into a virtual space.

Content included:

  • Link to live webinar

  • Feedback forms

  • Post recordings & presentations

  • Welcome video

  • Sponsorship passport

  • Full program

  • Speaker biographies

  • Contact directory

  • Link through to WSD website

Increasing awareness & engagement

Every week leading up to the Monday webinar, myINTERACT's various alert mechanisms were used to remind users to tune in on the night.

These included:

  1. Homepage banner: WSD artwork including a link through to register was included on myINTERACT's homepage (see below). This was viewable to those who had already connected with WSD on myINTERACT as well as a targeted group of new users, based on a specific selection criteria.

2. Content updates featured on homepage feed: users were alerted with push notifications and the E-newsletter when content was updated, and they could also discover these updates via the 'latest updates' feed on the homepage.

3. Email: a weekly customised email was sent every Sunday which included reminders to register and a direct link to the upcoming webinar.

4. Push notifications: push notifications were integral in reminding users 30 min prior to the webinar start-time as well as a reminder when content was uploaded and feedback form was available to complete which was required .

Showcasing the WSD sponsors:

In a virtual world where there are no exhibition halls, valued sponsors were showcased via myINTERACT.

For sponsors who are existing myINTERACT partners, links to connect with their walls were included so they can engage this audience long-term and within their own dedicated hub.


  • Delegate attendance via myINTERACT has risen by 151% since 2019.

  • Despite links being made accessible via the WSD website and through weekly emails the vast majority of delegates still choose to view the webinars via myINTERACT which highlights delegate's desire for centralised access.

  • Delegate engagement with WSD partners has risen dramatically compared with 2019 by 1016% as more partners have their own myINTERACT wall where they can showcase more of their valued content.

  • As the weeks continue, delegate attendance on the Monday evening has slightly decreased, however duration spent viewing post-recordings has increased. This is also due to late registrations, and delegates having the option to catch up on past webcasts when it suits them.

This is based on the first half of Western Sydney Diabetes' 10-week Masterclass series, which has been a welcomed opportunity to discover innovative ways of running events without face-to-face contact.

Even INTERACT Technology's co-founder, Matt Martin, jumped on board this project, presenting his own presentation on the WSD and myINTERACT partnership, in one of the WSD sessions. You can watch Matt below:

To find out more about our Event & Webinar solutions click here.


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