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New milestone! 20,000 active users in Australia

This month we achieved a new milestone. There are now more than 20,000 healthcare professionals in Australia who are active users of myINTERACT *. These users are predominantly specialist doctors and nurses but also includes pharmacists, credentialed diabetes educators and more.

A chance meeting with a medical oncologist planted the vision for myINTERACT. After seeing his exhaustive list of logins and passwords he commented, ‘You know how you can help me? Get industry together and put all these tools and resources together in one place’.

So we did. myINTERACT is one platform, one place for healthcare professionals to access tools and resources from multiple organisations via a single login. Convenient and available on demand 24/7 across multiple platforms.

Did you know...

  • myINTERACT was designed specifically for specialist healthcare networks.

  • Celgene Australia, a BMS company, were the first to introduce myINTERACT to healthcare professionals in Australia in 2016.

  • In Australia, the largest healthcare networks on myINTERACT are in gastroenterology and endocrinology, specifically diabetes and these networks accounts for 33% of active users.

  • 2020 saw an increase in the use of Desktop by healthcare professionals in Australia but this year we have seen a return to mobile devices. iOS remains the preferred platform but Android users continue to grow.

  • myINTERACT now also offers short term advertising packages to help champion your brand as well as annual subscriptions.

Be where your customers already are. To find out more about myINTERACT and how to join or advertise in this growing healthcare network, please get in touch.

*Active user is defined as having at least one tracking record


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