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Customised registration forms

As part of a myINTERACT connection strategy, customer onboarding experience can be enhanced by utilising customised registration forms or webpages. These tailored webpages offer healthcare professionals a convenient way to register to your wall or event on myINTERACT while simultaneously creating a myINTERACT account, streamlining the registration experience.

The registration webpage seamlessly integrates with myINTERACT, securely storing the captured details of each individual from the form. In the case of events, it also tracks individual RSVPs, ensuring efficient event management.

This functionality is particularly useful where:

  • Company or product branded registration page is preferred

  • Additional information of customers/delegates, such as e-consents, work place, dietary requirements, etc that needs to be captured during registration

  • Webpage URL required on hard copy or digital communication/marketing material as a call to action

These forms can be customised to accommodate your needs:

  • Branded header and footer images. Specs provided.

  • Brief overview of information or details of the event/company

  • Additional fields (mandatory or optional) with predefined drop down menus

  • URL of your choice (but must include prefix)

  • Capture of additional consents and privacy policy

  • Segmentation of customers, based on information collected in the form. On submission, users are allocated to relevant teams in Shared Asset Manager (SAM) to receive content that is relevant to them

If you are interested in enabling this functionality please contact your Account Manager or email us at


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