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You have the content and we have the platform.

Are you a content creator or work for an agency in healthcare and are looking to grow your business and showcase your work? Distribute your content to your clients on myINTERACT and you can earn 20% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to myINTERACT.

Content partners we work with

myINTERACT is passionate about partnering with like-minded organisations in healthcare to help improve productivity and efficiency for healthcare professionals and patients. We are focused on streamlining scientific knowledge, democratising medical material and bridging the gap between healthcare content providers and healthcare professionals. 

You have the content, we have the platform. It's time to come together. 

Become a myINTERACT Partner

myINTERACT Partner Programs.

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Referral partner

Do your customers have an event, brand launch or solution idea, which is separate from your expertise? Or simply want to reduce your workload so you can focus on what you do best? 

Introduce your customers to myINTERACT and make 10%  

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Solution/Technology Partner

Consolidate your material, and leverage myINTERACT to extend your reach by adding a customer-focused digital platform to your omni-channel marketing. Don't reinvent the wheel, magnify your content in a single place.

You Grow, We Grow

Healthcare anchor partner

Add myINTERACT to your portfolio of expertise. Get trained to sell, onboard and service your customers.

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Interested in testing the waters first or use a one-off solution? You can pilot the platform, host an event or run an advertising campaign.

Explore our other solutions 

Zentir is a full-service agency specialising in engaging digital solutions in the healthcare industry. Their clients range form bla blaba.

Partnership: full-service

Company size: <25

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No. of customers on myINTERACT: 4


Specialty divisions: Gastroenterology, Neurology

Years on myINTERACT: 5

COVID-19 accelerated the need for what was always destined to happen

myINTERACT - a brand solution focused on customer and patient value
Behavioural sciences meets life sciences

Successful engagement requires triggers, customer motivation and ability to access… easily. 

Innovation to add value and impact

Creativity should not be limited by the platform. Optimise outcomes by choosing the best content format for purpose.

Data and insights to strengthen customer relationships

Discover more about the truth of customer preferences and profiles to improve the specificity and value of digital connections. 

Develop strategy for today… and tomorrow

Scale across brands and geographies. Plan tomorrow’s digital applications using today’s digital connection.


Stand out where your audience is

Use myINTERACT as your campaign centre-piece
or as a campaign element

The myINTERACT homepage is the entry-point and navigation centre for all end-users. Leverage this space as a gateway to your brand for your ideal audience.

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Unlock the power of your people - wherever it matters


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+61 2 8071 8128 

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