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Simplified beginning to end solution

myINTERACT has eliminated the geographic barriers once solely relied upon for running events in healthcare. Use our dedicated events portal to house any type of meeting from conferences to Ad Boards to training sessions and internal meetings. 

Use at physical events or complement virtual events and webcasts. 

myINTERACT’s CMS and dedicated events portal mean all events sit separately within the platform, therefore creating a single reference point for all past events, which can always be revisited. 

myINTERACT’s event functionality is intuitive and simple to use and can be self-managed via our Shared Asset Manager (SAM). 


Self-serviced events

Use Shared Asset Manager (SAM) to facilitate your meetings and events with our self-service in-built event functionality:

  • Interactive agendas

  • Speaker biographies     

  • Resource repositories  

  • Feedback forms    

  • Link through to live webinars 

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Events designed for engagement

Leverage assets designed to improve the event experience and collate qualitative insights:


  • Abstract and poster libraries        

  • Exhibitor passports

  • Q&A

  • Polling

  • Forums

  • SmartDirectories

  • Photo galleries

Flexible offering

Include external links to tailor whatever experience you are striving for. Link to:


  • Include your own webcasting platforms or use our webcasting partner - Conference Connect.

  • Your organisation or sponsors’ external sites 

  • Twitter feed

  • Feedback forms

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Ease of connection before the event… and after


Include in-built QR & Access codes in your communication so participants can access material hassle-free. 

Upload a registration page on the event wall for users to fill out. Users will then gain access to event content once validated. 

Include wall-to-wall assets to deep-link to your connection wall for ongoing value. 

The power of events with myINTERACT


An all-in-one beginning to end solution for any physical or online event​


Knowledge attributed at events is always accessible in its defined section


Networking between delegates can occur before, during and after the event and doesn’t rely on face-to-face contact.


Facilitating online feedback forms and understanding delegate usage and interest contributes to making the following event even better

Use events to connect up your ideal audience and drive them to your connection wall whereby you can deliver ongoing value and strengthen meaningful relationships. 


Ready to transform how you engage in healthcare?

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