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Matt Martin

Our Managing Director, Matt Martin, spent 20 years with pharmaceutical companies in a variety of selling and marketing roles. Over that period he developed deep insights into the information doctors wanted and how to best deliver it.

Matt saw the need for more visual, interesting & instructive material – video, animations and educational models.  A4 brochures and branded squeeze balls were just not delivering the cut-through required.

At the same time, digital mobile display had arrived in the form of the iPad.  Matt saw a need and a solution.

With inspired partners, Matt set out to build a digital communications platform that could deliver rich content in a personalised format to doctors and other healthcare professionals.

nextINTERACT was released into the pharmaceutical industry in 2010.

It was immediately taken up by pharmaceutical companies who recognised the benefits, and by 2013, growing external interest attracted substantial investment that allowed INTERACT Technology to develop a more advanced communications platform.

The release of myINTERACT in 2014 fulfilled Matt’s original goal – helping business engage their audiences by providing them with a single, secure gateway to relevant, valuable and captivating content.

By helping these audiences with knowledge, stimulating their interest and triggering action, businesses can create greater loyalty among their intermediaries and consumer base, strengthen their brand, and increase sales.

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