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HCP engagement in 2021


1st Feb & 8th Feb

An overview

2020 saw an intense shift towards a digital era unprecendented in the healthcare world. 

Today, myINTERACT has worked with XXX companies to engage HCPs in a digital first era in which value supersedes all else. 

From building awareness through topline campaigns, transforming physical conferences into full-blown virtual events and generating bespoke engagement solutions for small to enterprise companies, this webinar will show you the highlights. 

How it will look

Matt Martin is bla bla bla

30 min demo on awareness campaigns, and specialsed engagement solutions

All attendees will be eligible for special deals which will be announced at the end of session.

If you can not make the session, the webinar recording will be sent for your viewing following

If you would like a one-on-one meeting you can book a timeslot in our product specialist's calendars here. 

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