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A better way to keep up-to-date

SAM functionality that links to an HTML asset. Combine feeds for your audience without the need for individuals to have a Twitter account. Includes calendar of events, twitter feeds, PDF, video libraries, and more. Can also be used for e-newsletters, video and audio libraries.


  • Ability to change or modify content instantly
  • Content updated via SAM without uploading new asset version
  • Follow a twitter feed without a Twitter login
  • Combine one or more twitter feeds around a relevant topic.


  • Great for assets that have content that needs constant updating
  • Keep up-to-date on relevant topics in your industry without the need to create accounts, nor risking rogue comments, which can negatively affect your brand.

Case Study

A finance company created a daily report with stock price feeds, timely market videos, and company specific research reports so that clients could access relevant content on the go. Content is updated via SAM so a new asset is not created every time there is an update.

They shared the most pertinent twitter feeds with their audience, everything related to the company is accessible within the myINTERACT application.

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