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Matt Martin worked in the pharmaceutical industry for  nearly 20 years across a number of specialist roles. He picked up an expertise in digital technology and launched one of the first medical apps on the App store in 2007. He joined with Peter Li and Aaron McMullen, two leading solution architects and developers, and together they released the world’s first e-detailing iPad platform for pharmaceutical sales representatives in June 2010 in Australia. Their platform, nextINTERACT was initially extremely successful but over years it was gradually squeezed out by global corporate systems mandated into Australia. 

However Matt never let go of his passion of how the industry could better help healthcare professionals and use digital technology to improve patient care. In late 2012 Matt, Pete and Aaron met Martin Whittaker who was not from the industry but had run several businesses and in March 2013 Interact technology was formed to pursue that vision.

 Over the next years the platform was built and proven in collaboration with each of the main stakeholders - leading physicians, healthcare groups and the life sciences sector. It was an iterative process that needed to come up with a single solution - that addressed each of their problems - AND a technology and methodology that created the impetus for networks to be formed.

The founders are extremely proud of their platform and the benefits it brings to healthcare.
After being proven in Australia the main focus now is to take the solution to form networks in disease states in the USA with major networks in myeloma, hospital pharmacy and other disease areas at various stages of completion. 

Although there are alternative ways of doing elements of what the platform does the platform is unique and no other platform solves the problem of three types of inter-related stakeholders in the delivery of specialist medicine.. The reaction to the platform has been universally positive and the tragedy of the pandemic has underlined the need for a digital solution like INTERACT. 

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INTERACT is offering an exclusive partnership program to eligible, leading healthcare societies, associations and foundations in specialist areas of medicine.


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