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myINTERACT Release Note

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A new version of myINTERACT is now available on the App Store (v5.0.0) and Google Play (v2.0.0).

What’s new?

  • A refreshed and easier interface
  • New bottom navigation bar making navigation more intuitive and key features such as user Profile more accessible
  • Addition of a ‘home screen’ providing an overview of latest updates, upcoming events and suggestions based on what you have viewed historically
  • Enhanced search capability:
    -Search across all connections and events
    -Search across titles and descriptions of all content
  • Simplified event registration process
  • This release makes the power if myINTERACT more accessible and provides the foundations for more exciting features to follow in 2019.

As an addition to the video above, comprehensive user guides to help familiarise yourself with the new navigation are also available here

Please visit the App Store and Google Play to ensure you have the latest version of myINTERACT.

An update to the desktop version will be available in March.

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