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Increase efficiencies
in colonoscopies
Join A/Prof William Tam, A/Prof John Nik Ding and Mr Iain Skinner as they discuss bowel prep and the Australian Clinical Care Standards.
Wednesday 19th May, 2021 | 8-9pm AEST
Webinar recording is now available on myINTERACT
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This was one of the most beneficial webinars that I have registered for.
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Online webinar: Increase Efficiencies in Colonoscopies
Date & time: Wednesday, 19th May | 8-9pm AEST
This webinar is now finished. If you would like to access the webinar recording, you can fill out the registration form to gain access via myINTERACT. 
This is your chance to register for our upcoming national webinar to hear from A/Prof William Tam, Mr Iain Skinner and A/Prof John Nik Ding as they discuss the clinical implications of inadequate bowel prep, the evolving clinical care standards, as well as how digital technology will play an integral role in increasing efficiencies for clinics and patients.
Webinar agenda:
  • The administration of colonoscopy from consultation to the endoscopy room and discharge

  • Common problems and complications that can go wrong and how to avoid them

  • Adoption of clinical care standards in practice and how to adapt

  • The assessment of real world evidence regarding bowel prep and the importance of language translations

  • How medCompanion works and what it will mean for your clinic or practice

  • Q&A with A/Prof John Nik Ding, A/Prof William Tam, and Mr Iain Skinner

This webinar will be held on myINTERACT and will house the live webinar link, event information as well as the webinar video and presentation material post event.
medCompanion is available to Australian clinics today. Learn more about medCompanion here.
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Mr Iain Skinner
Colorectal surgeon & Director of Surgery
Werribee Mercy Hospital, VIC
About the speakers
A/Prof John Nik Ding
medCompanion founder & gastroenterologist
St Vincent's Hospital, VIC
A/Prof William Tam
Royal Adelaide & Lyell McEwin Hospitals, SA
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