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Event functionality has landed!

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New features include:

  • Personalised email invitation
  • RSVP tracker
  • Event reminders
  • Push notifications
  • Auto refresh
  • Attach event promotional material


These features are designed to lift the professionalism of even the smallest events, and help users keep track of events associated with myINTERACT connections, so that you never miss an INTERACT enabled event again.

There are also many plugins available to maximise engagement during your events – such as speaker bios, schedulers and planners with note-taking capabilities, posters & abstracts, polling, and social Q&A – to enhance the meeting experience.

Other new app features include:

  • Ability to change password from within the app
  • 3D Touch from app icon so can quickly access QR code, search functionality and favourites (iOS only)
  • We are offering a series of webinars to showcase this new functionality within SAM. Further details coming soon but you can learn more about the events functionality here.

Please visit the App Store or Google Play to update your version of myINTERACT. (iOS v 4.4, Android v1.4)

For more information please contact your Account Manager directly
or contact INTERACT Technology on 1300 77 82 84.

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