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2nd Quarter Highlights

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2nd Quarter Highlights and What’s to Come!

We’re excited to tell you what we’ve been up to what great new features are coming your way.

New Features

Folders are now available in Smart Libraries for myINTERACT. Not only can content be searched, filtered and sorted, content can also be categorised into folders which increases overall usability and efficiency for users. To learn more about Smart Library folders click here.

Deep-linking was introduced which means myINTERACT users can navigate directly to a piece of content from their device via the Daily Email Newsletter. These links can also be used within EDM campaigns to drive usage back to myINTERACT. In June 2018, the open rate of the Daily Email Newsletter was 50%.

User Profile was also implemented making it easier to control the information users provide to INTERACT to address the new data requirements under the European Unions data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Clinics, Treatment Units and Patient Centres: myINTERACT providing resources simply and efficiently”

Outside of mainstream marketing, we have seen great examples using  myINTERACT to engage staff at the places where patients spend time and have complex information to absorb. Some great use cases for myINTERACT to provide HCPs simple and efficient access to quality resources include:

  • Replacement of hundreds of pages of instructions, troubleshooters, forms, guides and support material by a fully digital version with richer content, and easily traceable usage and pinpoint version control.
  • Connection to both clinic/patient resources and to an on-line store together in myINTERACT – for patients who require access to low cost support items (needles, dressings, connectors and other support items).
  • Interactive map and directory, in addition to information services, education and resources for a national network of treatment centres in a high profile disease area.

There are many more ways to support the places where the patients may benefit most from the efficiency and richness that myINTERACT can deliver.

Medical Oncology Community

In April this year, INTERACT partnered with The Lung Foundation to deliver valuable meeting content at Australian Lung Cancer Congress (ALCC). Due to the success of this event, approximately 180 health care professionals working in medical oncology were connected to myINTERACT.

We are constantly expanding into new key specialty areas by partnering with societies and industry supporters as it’s a proven and effective channel to deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time.

Coming Soon

Over the next few months we will be releasing the following functionality and features:

Smart Directory – Tool to organise delegate, member or employee details in one quick and easy to access directory with various levels of personal information and consents set in SAM.

Smart Library enhancements – Additional functionality within Smart Libraries with URLs will be included as a supported file type.

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