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HCP Engagement


HCP Engagement

INTERACT has dedicated itself to understanding the digital needs of HCPs and the requirements of the companies that engage with them and developed a platform to improve customer service to specialist physicians in relevant brands.

An introduction to myINTERACT


  • Secure platform ratified by top 10 global pharmaceutical IT departments
  • Unparalleled ability to accommodate a vast array of file types. Deliver podcasts,¬†calculators, patient material or link to existing material at a time that suits the HCP to maximise engagement
  • iOS, Android, Desktop with offline and online access to maximise access
  • Content individualised for each customer or segmented based on role or job description eg Specialist physician, nurse etc
  • Improved HCP meetings and events
  • Used as part of multi-channel strategy to enhance existing systems and channels eg field force, websites, apps that can be easiy be expanded to meet growth locally, regionally and globally
  • Comprehensive analytics to help provide a single view of customer

There is also the opportunity for pharmaceutical brands to participate in the specialist physician community on the INTERACT platform and organise professional interactive meetings. Learn more.

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