A solution is a combination of products and services
delivered to cause a positive outcome in accordance with your goals.


What is it?
myNETWORK is the sharing and accessing of useful and valuable content within specialised medical communities to save doctors time and improve patient treatment.

The content sharers are pharma, doctor societies, doctors, patient support groups, medical publishers, and other interested community members.
The content receivers are predominantly doctors, but also include other healthcare professionals, patients, and their carers.

Doctors have single-point access to relevant valuable content from trusted sources that saves them time and improves patient treatment.

Through participation in this network, pharmaceutical companies have a secure channel to influence and inform doctors that represents a significant improvement to their existing medical, sales, and marketing engagement methods.

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What is it?
myTREATMENT is a network of healthcare professionals equipped with the most engaging, relevant, up-to-date and accessible content on your specific disease or health condition.

Why do you need it?
If you have been invited to myTREATMENT it is because your life has been impacted in some way by a disease. Either you are the patient yourself, and you need to be fully informed as to the best way of beating or coping with your condition; or, you are the carer of a person who is facing this.

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Events, Conferences and Trade Shows powered by myINTERACT

We know how important events & meetings are for you
INTERACT Technology recognises the important moments in healthcare that meetings, trade shows and conferences provide, and we have developed a meetings module that is tailored to industry needs.

Upload a calendar to help users to manage their time at the event.

Create a poll to gather real time responses to your questions.

Push notifications let you notify attendees of important changes or imminent events. Rich media capability lets you upload animated maps, video previews or even augmented reality experiences.

But perhaps the key thing is – after the event you maintain an ongoing relationship with attendees (and even those who, for whatever reason, failed to make it).

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A truly ‘closed loop’ marketing and sales enablement system

Knowing what marketing is working and what your audience responds to is the basis of effective closed loop marketing.
 All interactions in myINTERACT create data. You’re always gathering feedback about what your audience are finding valuable, or not.

myINTERACT lets you connect with your audience then rate, track, and improve your communications.
These data triggers can help you enhance both your marketing and coordinate digital and sales team interactions.

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