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Field Force

In conjunction with leading medical directors and MSLs, INTERACT has developed an industry leading solution that delivers the right information, for more productive field based medical teams.


  • Proprietary company material protected for MSL use within a secure platform
  • Accommodates a variety of file types, available on iOS, Android and Desktop with offline and online access to improve MSL efficiency and impact in the field
  • Content individualised for each MSL based on team or region and targeted content provided to KOL’s by the same mechanism
  • Scaleable so easy to create a global network to connect regional and global teams
  • Compliments other systems eg CRM with possible integration
  • Comprehensive data to understand MSL impact. Additional plug ins eg the KOL mapping and insights tool to help profile KOL’s and share insights with the medical team
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INTERACT provides a platform that enables a sales representative to interact and maximise their limited time in front of a healthcare professional.


  • Version control of approved marketing material distributed to sales teams which is accessed with secure log in and password
  • Impact added to sales call by showcasing richer, digital resources eg 3D models
  • Offline access to increase availability particularly in hospital or clinic setting
  • Compliments other systems eg CRM with possible integration
  • Call tracking and comprehensive analytics down to page level
  • Functionality to share resources eg PDF with HCPs
  • Process improvements eg online medical request form, sample order form, meeting invitations or program to improve day to day efficiency
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