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Share and contribute content using Smart Libraries

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Smart Libraries provide a repository for different files types (PDF, PPX, MP4, MP3 and more) and presents them to users via an elegant, easy to navigate interface. Content can be searched, filtered, and sorted in a variety of ways and therefore Smart Libraries offer a perfect solution for users to efficiently access large quantities of content.

What makes Smart Libraries unique is that the repository can be collaborative. Most standard assets, including certain library applications, require updates to be made centrally by company administrator via Shared Asset Manager (SAM). Smart Libraries on the other hand, are different. Any number of users can be assigned the ability to upload and control the accessibility of their content to Smart Libraries using an intuitive tool on the myINTERACT Desktop. User roles are assigned by the administrator.

This new functionality has several applications across large and small organisations, groups and societies. It can be used to foster collaboration between employees in organisation or members of a doctor group or society who may want to share presentations from department meetings, journal clubs or simply house product catalogues, patient materials, guidelines, standard operating procedures and more.

This new functionality will be rolled out officially soon. A series of webinars will be conducted to introduce you to Smart Libraries so look out for a newsletter advising of dates.

Smart Libraries will also be available for nextINTERACT in the near future.

Please visit the App Store (v4.6.2) or Google Play (v1.5.1) to ensure you have the latest version of myINTERACT.

For more information please email or contact your Account Manager directly on
1300 77 82 84.

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