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Shared Asset Manager (SAM)

What is it?
SAM is the content management system that is at the heart of both myINTERACT and nextINTERACT. Accessed through a web browser, it gives you complete control over the distribution of content  internally and externally.

Why do you need it?
SAM is the only way to publish new content on myINTERACT and nextINTERACT.

How does it work?
Content is uploaded to SAM creating a version control number. Then, you choose who among your connections receives the content so it instantly becomes available for them to update on their device. There also the tools to highlight changes including daily email alerts or push notifications.


More about SAM
Are your employees bombarded with information from all directions every day? Does your company have multiple communication sources, each with different audiences and have various distribution methods such as email, print, internet, or intranet? Reading irrelevant content wastes time or worse still, creates bad habits, so that an important message for a specific group can be missed. SAM can help you bring all your important communications together in one place.
SAM helps you help your people in a simple and engaging way. It provides gateways to your existing systems, easy distribution, and offers richer ways of engagement like videos and interactivity. Push notifications deliver compliance requirements far better than does an “all staff” email. Video or 3D capabilities are compelling for education and training. Polling or survey capabilities allow you to take the pulse of the company. Inspirational stories can help in safety or motivation.

SAM can easily distribute your existing digital communications without the need for systems changes. Everything will work seamlessly on mobile or desktop devices. It is secure enough to satisfy IT, yet accessible enough to be used in the field. IT can hand off content administration back to program owners. Because it is accessed through the app and not a web browser, myINTERACT achieves high security standards.