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SAM Release Note

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Shared Asset Manager (SAM) has been updated to enable the following:


1. Deep linking
Use of hyperlinks to directly launch a specific piece of content within myINTERACT. This is now available from the Daily Email Newsletter and can also be used in emails/eDM campaigns, websites or anywhere you choose to offer a link to drive users directly to your content.

2. Bulk Invite
Ability to invite hundreds or even thousands of contacts to connect to myINTERACT with just a few clicks. To learn how, click here.


1. Support for Microsoft Office: In order to guarantee that images, fonts and styling will be retained, we have removed support for xls, xlsx, doc, docx, pptx, and ppt so please convert to PDF before uploading to Smart Libraries.

2. File size
: Now limited to 500mb per file to ensure seamless download process for end users.

3. Folders
:  Ability to create folders within smart libraries and order content within each folder further increasing the utility of the this asset.   This update is currently available in SAM but will not available in the end user application for approximately four weeks.  A release note will follow once available.

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