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SAM Release Note

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Shared Asset Manager (SAM) has been updated to enable the following:


1. Privacy Contact Details

Addition of new company fields so end users can easily obtain privacy information specific to that connection via Settings within the app. We encourage all SAM Administrators to add this information. To learn more click here.

2. Cookie Policy
Cookie Bot added to the main SAM webpage. To learn more about INTERACT’s Cookie Policy click here.

Specific changes to INTERACT’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will be communicated prior to 25 May 2018.


1. Folder default colour: Ability to set a default colour for all folders at a company level. Individual folder settings will supersede this setting. Click here for more information.

2. Tags and filters: Can be directly edited rather than deleted and re-entered.

Smart Library Folders are currently available in SAM but will not be available in the end user applications until the end of May 2018. A release note will follow when the apps are available to download.

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