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A better way to automate your processes

Automating and processing manual form submission is now made easier by INTERACT SmartForm technology. You can turn your forms into HTML mini-apps to collect data on a mobile device including signatures, submit to the relevant parties, and automate your processes.

SmartForms are an INTERACT Asset type that generally starts by taking a paper-based process and digitising it, but often evolves into some real process improvement. They can be used for requests for information from Healthcare Professionals or patients; they can capture signatures and have recipients’ emails addresses nominated so that all relevant people get a copy of the form.


You can also perform much more complex procedures with SmartForms such as automate the product specification for a medical device. They save significant time for field-service people, ensure completeness, improve compliance, and represent better service to clients.

Upon form submission, all data is saved, and a PDF form is generated and emailed to a nominated email address for subsequent back-office processing.

* SmartForms can have the following attributes:
– multiple fields
– drop-down boxes in field
– signature boxes
– nominated destinations and free text email destinations


  • Replaces traditional paper forms
  • Ability to capture digital signatures
  • Ability to send instantly to nominated recipients


  • Improves efficiency, productivity, and service quality
  • Easy to use, with an option to submit new product requests
  • Results downloaded via CSV for easy storage and analysis

Examples of possible usage are:

Request for Information Form – An electronic form to handle various customer requests for clinical papers or other information that can be sent to an internal resource for further action.
Device Configuration Form –  more complex forms with drop-down menus that can automate processes and email to all stakeholders.

SmartForms can be used to replace any paper-based system that is hampering your effectiveness or efficiency.

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