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A better way of presenting anatomy

Have a look at our extensive range of 3D models that can be used on their own or incorporated into a brochure. Create compelling engagement and story-telling or demonstrate a device, organ or body part. There are no limitations on 3D objects that you can showcase. Anything is possible. As real life representation of objects, 3D models allow users to spin, rotate, zoom, hide and show components (layers) in a single asset.


  • Rotate 360° by swiping
  • Ability to peel off layers to expose elements underneath and place layers back on again
  • Interactive labels that pin point an area


  • Demonstrate an object or part of an object in a 3 dimensional state.
  • Bring an object to life
  • Use to explain a complex object
  • Also useful to describe a mode of action or a piece of equipment.

Case Study
A pharmaceutical company uses a 3D model of the arm to demonstrate the injection points for Botulinum toxin to treat spasticity. The different layers of muscles are exposed so trainees can clearly see injection points. Allows the trainees to explore and self learn after the formal training.

Ready now – Eye, brain, Forearm, Lower limb, Male reproductive system, Shoulder, Skeleton, Upper limb, Whole body, Whole body muscles, Head, Breast, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Ear, Heart, and Kidney.

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