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What is it?
nextINTERACT is your field-force’s briefcase in an app that provides your field-force and distributors with immediate access to latest relevant content and tools to engage customers, automate workflows, and bring structure and control to field-force processes.

Why do you need it?
As time in front of healthcare professionals is limited, maximize every second of your interaction with engaging, relevant content which includes forms, surveys, video, 3D models, presentations.

How does it work?
Content is uploaded in SAM and arranged in teams and folders that makes sense to you, and the sales rep or MSL.   It’s branded, flexible and intuitive.

An introduction to nextINTERACT


More about nextINTERACT
nextINTERACT is our versatile iPad platform that has been developed to help field-forces be more effective.  With a simple, ease to use, and has seamless navigation resulting in optimal engagements.

Digital, visual, interactive content is far more compelling than plain text. People remember 58% of what they see, but only 10% of content they read.

However, a sales representative’s role is not just 
defined by a pitch around a brochure.

They are the custodians of the customer relationship.

 they have a whole briefcase full of material 
they need to use to fulfil their many tasks. Our mission 
is to eliminate that briefcase and place everything they need at their fingertips, automated, and easily accessible through one app. Your field-force’s success comes from engaging with the customer, not with the device.

This is best demonstrated by our ever-growing list of digital mini-apps that we have developed to work on nextINTERACT. These are clever ways of either handling existing processes, or providing the opportunity to introduce new valuable ones.
The list in the showcase is not exhaustive and is constantly expanding. Please study this list and see if they might apply to your business. Alternatively, maybe the list stimulates you to request one that works perfectly for your business. INTERACT Technology is a software development company dedicated to this space and we will make it happen.

Features Benefits
Folders, icons and colours can be used to organise assets Easy to centrally manage. Easy for users to navigate
Simple and intuitive, easy to use Field-force stay focused on the customer rather than the device
Field-force create folders and slide in assets for meetings Plan and deliver more effective meetings
Call tracking Provides data for continuous improvement
File choices Use the appropriate content for the circumstances to maximise impact
SmartForms Enhanced compliance and reduced costs
Power of digital engagements Greater impact and perceived value
Tools for success More motivated and successful field-force