What is it?
myTREATMENT is a network of healthcare professionals equipped with the most engaging, relevant, up-to-date and accessible content on your specific disease or health condition.

Why do you need it?
If you have been invited to myTREATMENT it is because your life has been impacted in some way by a disease. Either you are the patient yourself, and you need to be fully informed as to the best way of beating or coping with your condition; or, you are the carer of a person who is facing this.

How does it work?
It starts with you downloading and then registering for myINTERACT

There are two key ways in which someone can add you to their myTREATMENT connections:

  • Through INTERACT Enablement personally with a QR code.
    It’s quick, it’s almost fool proof, and it’s a very secure way of sharing your information.
  • Through our Shared Asset Manager (SAM, for short.)
    They can send updates, forms, video, 3D models, audio (almost whatever) quickly to you.
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