What is it?
myNETWORK is the sharing and accessing of useful and valuable content within specialised medical communities to save doctors time and improve patient treatment.

The content sharers are pharma, doctor societies, doctors, patient support groups, medical publishers, and other interested community members.
The content receivers are predominantly doctors, but also include other healthcare professionals, patients, and their carers.

Doctors have single-point access to relevant valuable content from trusted sources that saves them time and improves patient treatment.

Through participation in this network, pharmaceutical companies have a secure channel to influence and inform doctors that represents a significant improvement to their existing medical, sales, and marketing engagement methods.

my-treatment devices-v2

Why do you need it?
Quite frankly, if you don’t have it and your direct competitor does, then you are at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Sorry, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

How does it work?
We connect opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, nurses, patient support groups, and medical associations.
There are three key ways in which someone can be connected to myNETWORK:

  • Shared Asset Manager (SAM)
    You can send updates, forms, surveys, video, 3D models, presentations (almost whatever) quickly to large audiences from your browser.
  • QR code or Passcode
    It’s quick, it’s impressive, and it’s a very secure way of sharing your information.

All of these methods bring you data points, which you cane then track to monitor
the effectiveness of your medical and sales & marketing communication.