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myINTERACT Release Note

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New versions of myINTERACT for iOS and Android are now available enabling the following features and functionality:

1. Smart Library Folders
Smart Libraries (repositories for different file types such as PDF, MP4, MP3) now support the organisation and ordering of files using folders, further increasing the utility of this feature. To learn more click here.

2. Changes to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

INTERACT’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy have been updated to reflect our growing international user base and to address the new data requirements under the European Union’s (EU) data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All users will be prompted to accept the updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy within the app. This is to protect personal information for all users, not just those located in EU.  To learn more click here.

3. User profile

As part of the changes required for GDPR, a User profile is now available within myINTERACT making it easier for you to update and control the information you provide to us. The User profile allows you to edit personal information, update subscription preferences and change privacy settings. For more information click here.

Some stability issues were reported with versions of both iOS and Android released earlier this week.  This has now been addressed so please visit the App Store (v4.8.1) or Google Play (v1.6.2) to ensure you have the latest version of myINTERACT.

The Desktop version with these changes will be released the week commencing 4th June 2018.


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