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nextINTERACT Release Note

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A new version of nextINTERACT is now available on the App Store (v4.8.5) Updates Include:  

nextINTERACT Technical Issue

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A technical issue has been identified which causes the nextINTERACT app to terminate when installing assets with a large file size. The app is exceeding memory limits and consequently terminated by the operating system. We are currently working on a fix and a new version of nextINTERACT will be submitted to the app store in the coming days.  

Changes to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

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IMPORTANT CHANGES TO TERMS & CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY INTERACT’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are being updated effective 25 May 2018 to reflect our growing international user base and to address the new data requirements under the European Union’s (EU) data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

nextINTERACT: Folders in Private Library

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Content in nextINTERACT Private Library is now easier to locate and access the folders.