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myINTERACT Release Note

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New versions of myINTERACT for iOS and Android are now available enabling the following features and functionality:

1. Smart Library Folders Smart Libraries (repositories for different file types such as PDF, MP4, MP3) now support the organisation and ordering of files using folders, further increasing the utility of this feature. To learn more click here.

Changes to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

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IMPORTANT CHANGES TO TERMS & CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY INTERACT’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are being updated effective 25 May 2018 to reflect our growing international user base and to address the new data requirements under the European Union’s (EU) data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

SAM Release Note

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Shared Asset Manager (SAM) has been updated to enable the following:

1. Privacy Contact Details
Addition of new company fields so end users can easily obtain privacy information specific to that connection via Settings within the app. We encourage all SAM Administrators to add this information. To learn more click here.  

1st Quarter Highlights

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We're excited to tell you what we've been up to and what great new features are coming your way.
New Features
We released Smart Libraries for myINTERACT which provide the capability to easily store, access and share various files and allows members of your community to publish and review material.    To learn more about Smart Library click here. Events functionality has also been added to myINTERACT Desktop so delegates can now access information such as the agenda, brochures, posters, presentations under the 'Events' tab via their browser.  

Share and contribute content using Smart Libraries

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Smart Libraries provide a repository for different files types (PDF, PPX, MP4, MP3 and more) and presents them to users via an elegant, easy to navigate interface. Content can be searched, filtered, and sorted in a variety of ways and therefore Smart Libraries offer a perfect solution for users to efficiently access large quantities of content.  

iOS11Compatible Release

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iOS11 compatible version for myINTERACT is now available on the App Store. It includes a refresh icon in the navigation bar for a better user experience.  

Event functionality has landed!

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New features include:

  • Personalised email invitation
  • RSVP tracker
  • Event reminders
  • Push notifications
  • Auto refresh
  • Attach event promotional material
  These features are designed to lift the professionalism of even the smallest events, and help users keep track of events associated with myINTERACT connections, so that you never miss an INTERACT enabled event again.  

Encourage audience participation via myINTERACT

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INTERACT Voting Systems allow members of the audience to use their smart device to become active participants which improves engagement and participation.  

Registration for myINTERACT is now even easier

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The registration process for myINTERACT has been simplified and first time users now have the option to use their sign-in details from LinkedIn or Facebook.