Andrew Moore

Account Director

Andrew has over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry and has worked as a GP and Hospital Specialist Representative and as a Regional Sales Manager. Andrew completed a Science Degree at Melbourne University and more recently a Dip. Ed, both of which have given him a strong technical understanding of products and disease states. He has promoted medicines in various Specialty areas including Cardiology, Respiratory, GI, Pain, Diabetes and CNS. Collaboration in brand teams means he understands product selling strategies and life cycle management. This background has given him a significant insight into how clients at Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies can utilise the digital solutions offered by Interact Technology.

The only downside to having Andrew visit us in the Sydney office is that the cruise ships that use Circular Quay are always telling him to keep his voice down so that their passengers can hear the ships’ horn.

p: +61 2 8071 8128